Michael Sottiriou
Jersey City, NJ

I have been wanting to Rhino Line my Jeep for about a year or so now but I wanted to do a little something different then most people do with there Jeep. Ive seen a lot of Jeepers Rhino Line there interior which is great and I would love to do that eventually when I get the money but I decided to start with the outside since that takes the most abuse out on the trails. I participate with Jeep Jamboree USA once a year at my jamboree of choice and over the years the outside of my Jeep has taken a beating. I didn't want to put fresh paint on the outside just so down the road I would have to paint it again and worry about scratches. I wanted something a bit tougher and something that lives up to the standards of a Jeep, and Rhino Linings was the first thing that came to my mind. Anyway I wanted to send you guys at Rhino Linings an email and tell you how happy I am with the over all results of your product, and how awesome my Jeep looks now. I have received many compliments from random people and fellow Jeepers on how my Jeep looks. I will attach some pictures of my Jeep with this email if you guys are interested in seeing how it came out. Anyway two thumbs up from me. You guys have a one of a kind awesome product!!