Color Match

Be the envy of the neighborhood!

There is nothing more eye-catching than a color-matched truck bed liner. This look can be achieved in two ways:

The first way is to request an aliphatic bed liner product, such as SolarMax® protective coating. The second way is to request that a UV top coat be applied to your truck bed liner. Both offer superior UV protection so that your colored liner is sure to last!

SolarMax Protective Coating Benefits:

  • Maintenance free liner!
  • Aliphatic formulation
  • Does not require a UV top coat
  • Maximum color and gloss stability
  • Full color range available except pearls and metallics

Rhino UV Top Coat Benefits:

  • High level of protection from UV rays
  • Protection from color change
  • Protection from dulling of surface
  • Allows custom color matching, even pearls and metallics